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pebbled glass floor tile mural

Pebbled Glass Floor Tile.

Perfect for walls, showers and floors.

Outside testing by the Tile Council of North America for the new 12 x 12 Glass Floor Tile are as follows:

Available sizes:   6”X6” Non-Tempered

 12”X12” Tempered and Non-Tempered

 Tile thickness:       ¼”

 Applications:    Floor and wall tile recommended for residential and commercial floors, walls, counter tops and  backsplashes .

Tile Council of North America – Product Testing Results

ASTM C1026:      Tiles showed NO evidence of freeze-thaw damage after completing 15 cycles of freeze-thaw.

ASTM C1028:       Static coefficient of friction

Dry = .86

Wet = .52

ASTM C373:          Water absorption rate of .37% = impervious

ASTM C650:           Resistance to chemical substances 

Not affected by the following: Acetic acid 3% & 10%; Ammonium chloride, 100 g/L; Citric acid solution, 30 g/L &100 g/L; Lactic acid, 5%; Phosphoric acid, 10%; Sulfamic acid, 3% & 10%; Swimming Pool Chemicals = Sodium hypochlorite solution, 20 mg/L; Acids & Bases = Hydrochloric acid solution, 3% & 18%; Potassium hydroxide, 30 g/L & 100 g/L

 ASTM C485:           Warpage of Tile

                        Edge warpage: -.02%;

Diagonal warpage: 0.00%

ASTM C499:            Facial dimensions and thickness of tile

                              Average difference of 0.020 inches

ASTM C502:            Wedging of Tile

                                Average percent wedging was 0.03%

ASTM C648:              Average breaking strength is 1931 lbf

Mohs’ Scratch Hardness:   5 (1-talc to 10-diamond)

This tile has a pebbled Non skid surface.