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Smooth Glass  Photo Tiles

For a functional tile you can't go wrong with glass.  Suitable for backsplashes, walls, and showers our smooth glass line exceeds even our expectations.

This tile line can be used to enhance  just about any decor.

Because the image is on the backside of the glass tiles, the glass itself acts as an excellent barrier, virtually eliminating the concerns of image durability.  The glass protects the image from scratches, chemicals/cleaners and airborne pollutants.  In addition the natural properties of glass provides an extra level of UV protection for the dyes used in creating the image.

This line is available in the following sizes:

2" by 2"
4.25"  by  4.25"
6"  by  6"
6"  by  8"
8"  by  8"
12"  by 12"

Just go to the smooth glass link under pricing on the left  to order.

 smooth glass photo tile       bahamas picture for photo tile 

photo tile art glass