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We have been doing fund-raising using photo tiles for years, so we thought we would share some of the ideas that our customers have done.
Schools have used the photo tiles as an easy way to generate money for  say the art department (which as we all know is never allocated enough money from the school's yearly budget).    Students images are placed  on any number of different size tiles and  are ordered by the parents with a note that  a portion of the funds generated are  being used for a specific item the art department needs.   
Fundraising Idea: Use the photo tiles  to promote awareness  of  a specific cause that you are championing.    A corporate hospice client uses the tiles as a means of remembering those who have gone.  The funds generated are helping to build a new hospice to help care for more people with debilitating diseases.
Speaking of buildings we have another corporate client who needs a new animal shelter  to be built.  They are raising funds by creating large movable walls (ones that will be moved to the new location)   where depending on the  amount of donation, a tile (various sized by the amount of the donation)  is placed with the image of a beloved pet .
Custom photo tiles  can be used for many things.  Fund- raising being just one of them.  Have an idea?  Need help implementing it?   Just give a call or send us email.  We are here to help.